what you need to know

Service and Booking

We do not offer consultation and thus we would only discuss the very date and time you can book in for the actual procedure with one of our specialists who can assist you with the intended service. Once we agree on a slot, an instruction would be sent to your email address.

The appointment is only booked once you have received a confirmation from our system.

Q: Will you top up someone else's work?

A:  Our top up service is only for our existing clients. If you have had the enhancement done elsewhere (brows, eyes or lips), we will consider you as a new client and normal pricing applies.  Please note that  we cannot work on any old tattoo and that correction charge may be applied. Please send in photos of the old work first. For practice safety, a minimum 6 months gap is required from your last treatment elsewhere and the arrangement with us.

Q: Should I send in a photo of myself before booking an appointment?

A: We would encourage this if you have already undertaken permanent beauty treatment before on the area, just so we can see the current state of  the old tattoo; or if you are interested in booking for lips services as our pigments only show on pale to pink lips.


Q: What is a patch test? How can I book for one?

A: A patch test is a 2 minutes allergy test offered to all new and existing clients where you will be scratched slightly behind the ear by a tattoo needle and some ink pigments will be applied to the scratch.
If you are aware that you may be at risk of having a reaction to tattoo ink, do  drop in for a quick test at your own convenience, anytime during our opening hours before booking an appointment as once you have paid the booking fee, it is non-refundable. No formal booking required for this patch test  but do check with us regarding our opening times - hours may differ. **This testing service in store may be suspended to maintain social distancing practice during the pandemic.

Q: Can I book a consultation session?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer such service as all information relevant to our services and operations can be found online on our website. Furthermore, it is not efficient to recreate an agreed design in another separate appointment. If it is the shape that you have concern over, the specialist will discuss this with you on the date of the appointment.

Q:  Will you draw in the shapes first?

A:  Yes, the tattoo design will be discussed with you first. The brows design will be drawn  based on the classic measurements. Whereas lips and eyes designs are sketched accordingly to your preference,  We will discuss with you for any readjustment or alteration in terms of shape and size. We won't start on you until you are completely happy with the colour selected and design.

Q:  How long is the appointment?

A:  A new appointment for eyes or brows can take from 1.5 up to 2 hours  with most of the time spent going over colours and drawing in shapes. On the other hand, a new Lips treatment takes 2 to 2.5 hours.

Q:  Is the complimentry touch up appointment necessary?

A:  It is complimentary not compulsory. We highly recommend it but not always necessary.   Results vary between person to person,  any concerns you may have  can be discussed during your touch up .

Q: How to secure an appointment?

A: You can contact us via email or phone number to find a suitable date and time. Once agreed on a slot, an amount of £100 booking fee per appointment is required to secure the session(s) under your details. No reservation is possible without this payment. The booking fee will be accounted towards your treatment price but it is non-refundable. Other terms and conditions apply.

Q: I cannot attend my appointment anymore

A: Please do notify us via email at least 7 days before the booked appointment and we can help you reschedule for a different suirable date. With sufficient notice, alternatively, we can retain the booking fee for a future booking of yourself or a friend or family member of your choice.

Q: How many session would it take to remove my old enhancement?

A: We are unable to give a precise estimation as there is no accurate way to determine how deep the ink is. Moreover, it is mainly depending on how you feel towards the healed  area after the frist removal - if you want it to be lighten further than you do need to undertake more than just 1 session


Full aftercare instruction is available on our website under "Aftercare" tab that can be accessed anytime.

In regard to top up appointments, we do have specific terms and conditions on booking and we will follow the terms and conditions strictly.

Q:  How long does it take to heal?  Will I be able to go to work?

A:  Initial healing period is 2 weeks with special attention needed for the treated area, however overall healing can take up to 28 days (4 weeks) for brows and eyes or up to 35-42 days for lips (5-6 weeks). In most cases, clients can resume their normal daily activities (face washing, exercising, etc. ) after the first week as long as you're good at following aftercare instructions and there is no scab on the enhancement,

Please do refer to our aftercare for a better idea of post-treatment.

Q: Can I get them wet or work out?

A:  No, not for at least  1 week after the  treatment so that the area is dry and thus, reducing the risk of complications or infection and to retain the maximum amount of pigment implanted. Should the area still have scabs, it would need to be kept dry until all the scabs have fallen off naturally. It is generally advised  to avoid hot baths for a couple of weeks.

Q:  Can I wear makeup after?

A: The next day you can but not directly on the area that has just been treated for at least one week after the treatment. Generally, everywhere else is fine.

Q:  When can I go out in the sun after the treatment?

A:   The sun will be the main factor that accelerates the fading of the tattoo, hence it is essential that you avoid direct sunlight on the treated area for the longer life span altogether, not just during healing period. Wearing a hat, sunglasses and sun cream/ sun block will be recommended.

There are aftercare guidance that can give you an  better idea what is involved post treatment in terms of looking after the area. Please do refer to them at http://permanentbeauty.london/aftercare.html

Q: It is not yet a month and the tattoo is already "disappear"?!

A: Please keep calm, this is expected as part of the healing process. If  you experience colour uneveness, remember a re-touch visit is  offered for first time clients. Please refer to terms and conditions for more details.

Q: It has been a week and my brows is itching.

A: Ictching is completely normal, most frequently experienced following scabbing. This is the skin healing, please do not pick; peel or rub your enhancement at all and do note that the tattoo may look lighter once the scabs flake off naturally as the skin has covered the treated area.

Q: Why do I have to have the complimentary touch up at least 4 weeks after the treatment?

A: The area can take up to a good 4 weeks to heal completely and safe for any further work. Anything before this time will lead to a higher chance of scaring and we will simply refuse to do a top up any date earlier that the end of the 4th week.

Q:  How long will they last?

A:  Depends on the individual's skin; age group; lifestyle and activities as well as how the tattoo is taken care of after treatment.  Generally, eyebrow treatment can last for 1-3 years. (please refer to Terms and Condition) Annual top up is usually advised to freshen up brows. Lips and eye treatments can last  up to 3 years without the need to touch up.

Q:  How long soon can I have another removal treatment or a new enhancement?

A: With the removal technique we have, a minimum period of 10-14 days will be required in between removal sessions and a minimum period of 4 weeks will be required between a removal session and a new enhancement